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Research Resources

Here are some resources for video game and Gamification enthusiasts, scholars, gamers and independent investigators. 

Ludic – Bringing Play/ing into the now

The proliferation of social media and Computer mediated-communication shed new light on our common understanding of Play/ing – By Dr. Tara Woodyer.



A searchable database of game studies’ journal articles, conference proceedings, research reports, books, and book chapters, organized by topic.



This is the website of the Society for the Study of Sound and Music in Games. SSSMG aims to act as a central hub for the emerging academic, and professional, communities of people working with video game audio. See Mission Statement 

Game Studies investigators and scholars on Tweetverse

A listing of people on Twitter who write about, talk about or study the overlap between video games and academic fields like psychology, communications, economics, sociology, etc. compiled by Dr. Kowert.

Learn my way

A website of free online courses for beginners, helping you develop digital skills to make the most of the online world. Over 5000 centres are based all around the country.

Find a centre near you.


Gamification practitioners and scholars list

A global list of Gamification enthusiast, scholars, and investigators put together by Rise.

Research War Gaming Society (PlayStation 3, 4 & PC)

Team IFB Gaming

For the Players, and put together by the Players – a complete digital society with players from every walk of life. Search for IFB Cafe via server browser on your cloud device to begin your journey.

The gaming spaces are patronised by Sheriffs, Teachers, Gamers, Students, Professionals and Nonprofessionals, Parents and Children. Subscribe for updates, competitions, research and access password(s).