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We work collaboratively with other players to manifest the inherent benefits of gaming to higher education institutions and future society. Our partner list includes academics, gamers, independent investigators, local libraries and third sector parties. Even so, we can not do this alone and together, everyone can achieve more.

Every penny we raise makes an enormous difference. It helps us to bridge gaming research gaps. It helps us create sustainable gaming environment for the players. Finally, it helps us to make a strong supporting case for amateur eSporting in higher education.

Your blessings, whether £3 or £300, signals a belief in video games and gaming. It gives us much-needed confidence for the challenges and missions ahead. It empowers us and boosts our ability to deliver extraordinary results that manifest the UK as a digital leader.

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There are other ways to pledge your support for gaming and esports in DigitalUK. See our [Mission statement] and [choose how] you’ll like to support gaming DigitalUK.