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Virtual ethnographer and research storyteller with 15-years data, marketing, and transformation background gained in education and retail domains. John Adewole is an alumnus of London South Bank University and The University of Portsmouth.

Early years

John Adewole was born and raised in Lagos Nigeria in the 80s. His parents wanted the best for him and they ensured he received the best education. He attended Christland School for his nursery and primary school education. Upon completion, he ventured west for a secondary education at Federal Govt. College, Ido Ani.

By the time John turned sixteen, his mother had commissioned her own private Montessori institution in the vulnerable and rural sectors of Akute in Ogun State, Nigeria. John was influential from concept and planning, to the launch of the institution, and took up his first teaching role at seventeen. He continued to participate in all areas of education until his departure to the United Kingdom for further education.


On arrival, he patiently attended Lewisham College, awaiting confirmation of his place at LondonSouth Bank University. In 2002, he joined London South Bank University for a degree in business information systems. At University, he was actively engaged in projects that encouraged entrepreneur behaviours among college students.

John is an Alumnus of London South Bank University and The University of Portsmouth respectively. He holds degrees in Business Information Systems and Business Information Technology. John is a Master’s in Project Management and Emotional Intelligence and he is currently ranked #28 on global Gamification leader-board.


John has an undying passion for retail-detail, he’s held numerous positions in private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Some of John’s employers include; Decathlon, Tesco, BOOTS, Shell and J. Sainsbury’s. During his undergraduate career, he also took up employment at the University of Portsmouth. He was influential in introducing the delivery function at Decathlon in 2002 and opening of Tesco dot com in 2008. John currently runs a learning center in Southwark, he is an independent game study investigator, and also a postgraduate researcher at the University of Portsmouth.

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